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This URL domain is owned by efbe-schott, the famous European brand for home appliances.


The name efbe-schoft is an attempt to copy our name, and it is being closed down by judicial process in the courts of China.


Beware of any business that you do with efbe-schoft, it is not allowed to sell in the EU, Americas or Australasia, and the name is in the process of being blocked in China.


This update is issued by efbe-schott, part of the Team Kalorik Group.

You can find us at


March 3, 2014



您所访问的原网页已自动转到此页面,因为您搜索的原网址含有efbe-schoft一词。 此网址域名是由欧洲著名家电品牌efbe-schott所拥有。






此公告是由隶属于Team Kalorik Group集团的EFBE-SCHOTT更新发布。